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At Triage, a medical staffing agency, we offer more than a career. Our travelers are family. From the hardworking medical recruiters in our office in Omaha, Nebraska to our network of traveling medical professionals working in hospitals, nursing homes and labs all over the United States, Triage Staffing is more than a paycheck and a per diem, it’s a lifestyle.

Healthcare is one of the noblest professions in the world, it’s also one of the most understaffed. It’s our goal to change that by placing qualified medical professionals in travel assignments that allow flexibility alongside a plethora of traveling healthcare jobs.

Our travel assignments are designed to offer the opportunity to see the country, while developing your career and earning a reliable paycheck. At our medical staffing agency, you won’t forego benefits like 401k, disability or health -- just because you’re a traveling medical professional. Join the family at Triage Medical Staffing today.